We are the first specialized centre for treatment of ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) in Lithuania. We offer you comprehensive diagnostics and treatment of ADHD (pharmacological, psychotherapeutic interventions and recovery of physical health, diet recommendations and food supplements). Our professional team is led by doctor Tamara Kuntelija-Plieskė, who is well experienced in treating ADHD in Great Britain and Lithuania.

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder is a wide-spread disorder expressed by difficulties in focusing attention. People affected find it hard to keep on track and completely finish a given task, they easily forget important things, react impulsively and suffer from constant physical unrest. This disorder has its onset in childhood and can last a lifetime. Generally, hyperactivity symptoms decrease with growing age, however the attention deficit remains. There is the possibility to increasingly adapt to the difficulties and learn coping mechanisms for better management of symptoms.

Scientific evidence shows that effective ways to help are Cognitive behavior therapy and pharmacological treatment (Psychostimulants have been recognized to be most effective). There is also growing evidence that neurofeedback is an effective option.

What we have to offer

  • Prior to your consultations we will invite you to complete a screening-questionnaire. This will help us detect whether the difficulties you experienced might be due to ADHD (in other words this will help to avoid unnecessary consultations).
  • We strongly recommend inviting an older relative, who could provide information about possible symptoms in childhood to come with you to your first appointment.
  • Once you are in our centre, we will offer you a comprehensive assessment lasting about 3-4 hours:
    • a thorough psychiatric consultation (including a specific structured diagnostic interview and screening for disorders other than ADHD)
    • psychological assessment (neurocognitive testing)
    • diagnostic testing using a neurofeedback device
    • creating a treatment plan
  • If you are prescribed pharmacologic treatment, the dose will be titrated (meaning we will carefully choose the most suitable dosage for you) and monitored for 3-5 weeks.
  • Individual and/or group psychotherapy aimed at management of symptoms and time, reduction of procrastination (procrastination meaning the tendency to postpone work and other duties), increase of efficacy and productivity.
  • Diet recommendations for persons with ADHD (“ADHD diet”, food supplements)
  • If needed, we will offer you supplemental treatment for leading issues such as anxiety and depression

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