Adult ADHD (Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder) centre

Our clinic is the first centre in Lithuania offering diagnostics and comprehensive treatment based on Western European standards.



These are medication-free, painless therapy methods. In observing body signals you can be enabled to improve your physical and mental condition.


Dementia treatment

Medical treatment and psychosocial assistance for the person affected and his family in need who are suffering from dementia.



Psychotherapy is a treatment process mainly based on conversations. The methods we use help forming essential skills necessary for self-observation, self-regulation and building relationships. You will be enabled to cope with emotional challenges, deepen your introspection and improve your relationship with your environment.


Psychosomatic medicine: Bridging physical and mental health

Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Irritable bowel syndrome, Unexplainable vertigo and Headaches. To understand your symptoms, we not only evaluate your emotional and neurological state, but also analyze your endocrinological system, immune system, digestion system and other systems as well. We then offer comprehensive treatment and management of symptoms


General Psychiatry for adults

Diagnostics and treatment reaching from mild depression, sleep disorders, panic disorder all the way to psychotic conditions. We offer you various treatment modalities: treatment without and with medication, carefully choosing the best option for you.


Child Psychiatry


Food and mental health

Mitybos ir geros psichikos sveikatos ryšys yra neabejotinas ir plačiai tyrinėjimas. Dabartinėje medicinoje mitybos terapija yra  būtina sudėtinė psichikos ir proto ligų gydymo dalis. Tai rodo ir naujos psichiatrijos srities – mitybos psichiatrijos(angl. Nutritional Psychiatry) atsiradimas ir spartus vystymasis.


Services for enterprises

We offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This is expert guidance and specialist support for your employees on any kind of issue – from everyday matters to more serious wellbeing problems.

This is fee based confidential service that may be available for your employees (or your employees and their family members) during working hours or on 24/7/365 basis.