Biofeedback is a non-pharmacological, noninvasive, painless therapy and training, allowing to improve one’s physical and mental state based on observation of body signals. Trainees are taught to consciously control certain physiological processes such as muscle tension and breath rate under stress and increase the degree of relaxation.

Rationale of biofeedback

When treating mental health problems sometimes it is hard to find suitable medication or adjust it to suitable dosage allowing for optimal functioning and health. Sometimes medication cannot be applied due to other leading medical conditions. In such cases biofeedback can serve as a valuable alternative.


Neurofeedback, sometimes also referred to as EEG Biofeedback, teaches trainees to optimize their brain activity, productivity, focus and vigilance based on observation of electric brain potentials.

Anxiety, ADHD, chronic pain, epilepsy and other health issues are among those conditions that can benefit from biofeedback/neurofeedback training and therapy.

How it works

An initial psychophysiological assessment is conducted during the first session. One of its components is a stress test, which shows how different systems of the body react to stressors and recover thereafter. Based on these results and the individual’s needs we select suitable parameters to provide you with visual or audio feedback about your management of physiological processes (e.g. body temperature, breath rate, muscle tension, skin resistance). About 10-20 sessions (and a bit more in some exceptional cases) are needed for the training to be effective. At the end of the course you learn how to transfer the skills to your daily life without having to rely on technological support.

The initial assessment provides you with useful insights into your body’s functions and possible targets for correction. Therefore, this assessment would be beneficial to you even if you decided not to continue biofeedback training.

How to prepare

We would like to inform you that highest accuracy of assessment is guaranteed if you eat before sessions and avoid stimulating drinks (coffee, black and green tea, energy drinks and beverages rich in sugars) at least one hour prior to them.

Norime atkreipti dėmesį, jog siekiant gauti kuo tikslesnius psichofiziologinio įvertinimo duomenis į treniruotes rekomenduojama ateiti pavalgius bei likus mažiausiai valandai iki treniruotės negerti stimuliuojančių gėrimų (kavos, energetinių gėrimų, kitų daug cukrų turinčių gėrimų).

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