When faced with the diagnosis of dementia, many of those affected are in shock, including their loved ones: They feel left alone with the disease, lacking knowledge how to cope with it. There are so many questions waiting to be answered: How can they mentally adapt to the new situation? How can they create a safe home environment in the face of memory loss? How to slow down progression of symptoms?

Our team is ready to assist you and your loved ones to take a closer look and get on top of the situation again: Is it really dementia? If the diagnosis is confirmed, we will offer you much more than just pharmacological treatment: Our knowledge and experience how to adjust to this new reality as good as possible.

When is testing for dementia indicated?

Any one or more of the following persisting or deteriorating signs requires further assessment:

  • Worsening of cognitive functions: forgetfulness, deteriorating social skills, difficulties finding suitable words, worsening orientation (time and location)
  • Personality changes: excessive familiarity or withdrawal, disproportionate flirting by a previously more introvert person, growing impulsivity and outbursts of anger, recent problems with mood regulation
  • Problem behaviour: wandering around aimlessly, physical unrest and tension, restlessness during the night
  • Psychiatric symptoms: apathy, depression, suspiciousness, anxiety and fearfulness, sleep disorders, paranoia, hallucinations
  • Changes in daily functioning and activities: food preparation and cooking, hygiene, household duties, managing finances, unusual mistakes at work, during shopping

Loss of memory functions is not automatically related to dementia: Depression, diseases of the thyroid gland, some infections and Vitamin deficiency can cause symptoms resembling dementia. Consequently, it is essential to check all possible cases of disturbed brain functioning.


What is dementia?

Dementia is a series of symptoms caused by progressing degeneration of the brain including memory, thinking, behavior and emotions. In simple terms dementia is a condition when the brain functions worse than before. There is more than 100 diseases known to cause dementia, Alzheimer’s disease being the most frequent. At this point dementia cannot be cured, however the progression of symptoms can be slowed down if suitable measures are taken in time. An exact diagnosis of the origin is essential since some of them are reversible (e.g. infections and Vitamin deficiency).

Individualized care and adjustment of the home environment are beneficial to both the patient and his loved ones. Management strategies need to be adjusted to the stage of the dementia: Initially self-sufficiency and independence are the main objectives, cognitive functions should be strengthened and sustained as much as possible. As the disorder progresses a safe and suitable environment and nursing become the focus of attention.

What can you expect from us

We strongly recommend coming and seeing us together with a close relative who could provide us with objective information about the signs of dementia.

Once you are in our centre we will offer you a comprehensive assessment conducted by a team of professionals (psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker):

  • Thorough psychiatric consultation
  • Neurocognitive assessment of memory and other cognitive functions
  • Assessment of your social situation and quality of life
  • Laboratory blood test (for differential diagnostics of blood, liver, infectious diseases and intoxication)

What can you expect once the diagnosis has been confirmed?

  • Evidence based pharmacological treatment
  • Natural health promoting products
  • Non-pharmacological treatment (supporting autonomy, adjustment of the environment, psychosensory stimulation
  • Psychosocial support:
    • Individual plan for social support
    • Comprehensive information on the disorder, its treatment and management
    • Case management
    • Assistance taking care of documents related to care and home-based-services
    • Representation in other facilities (if needed)

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