Our Vilnius based clinic offers psychological, psychotherapeutic and psychiatric services. There is also an option to be treated anonymously according to legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

Do you feel exhausted, unable to focus? Are you facing a crisis that seems to leave no way out? Has one of your dearest ones fallen ill and you do not know how to help?

Our team of professionals is prepared to answer your questions, explain and offer evidence-based solutions, medical interventions and select suitable treatment elements.



Confidentiality is our basic value. At Innovative Mental Health Clinic, we pay special attention to patient confidentiality, data safety and protection of privacy. As part of our team we have an experienced lawyer who guarantees that anonymous services are delivered according to the law. She also makes sure that no third party can access any information about you.


We offer some of the most advanced ways for problem-solving, apply up-to-date science and technology and are involved in a continuous process of professional learning. Our staff have finished training or acquired professional experience in Western European countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Belgium. We stay in close contact with our partners in those countries and maintain our level of qualification according to the standards of these countries.

Assistance and prevention focused on our patients’ and their families’ needs

Our patients’ problems and needs are the main priority of our work. We are ready to listen, understand, offer qualified assessment and solutions. For your convenience we offer individual consultations and service packages allowing to monitor the treatment process and achieve the best results possible. Side-by-side we will strive to activate your strengths and resources and discover new coping strategies.

Evidence-based and individualized approach

While creating your treatment plan we make our choices based on methods backed by sound scientific evidence. There is no use in wasting time using interventions of doubtful efficacy. Yet understanding the uniqueness of each personality and organism we pay close attention to your inidividual needs and select those interventions most suitable to you.


Paulius M.
IT Specialist

After my appointment with doctor Tamara my life changed by 180 degrees. Everything started to become clear and evolve towards the better.

She listens and simply explains why certain things happen with my behaviour. She explained I have Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder and helped me to get reconciled and cope with it.


Moreover doctor Tamara really cares for her patients. If ever needed I can contact her and get assistance.

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